Election results are in and I have lost.
Congratulations to the New Constable Tim Kollenberg.
I want to thank all of you who made the effort to vote for me. I also want to thank those of you
who took the time to talk with my Daughter, my Grand Daughters, and thier Friend who helped
with the campaign going door to door in the heat. Thanks girls!

I am Lloyd "Sparky" Sparks and I am running for re-election to the position of
Constable of the 5th District of Oldham County Kentucky

for the Term 2018 to 2022 and would appreciate your support in the form of your vote in the Republican
primary to be held on May 22, 2018.

Please find below some of my information and qualifications for this position.

Education and Life Experience:
Attended: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Fall of 1962
Graduated: Greer School of Heavy Construction, Braidwood IL. Summer of 1963
Attended: University of IL. Champaign, IL. Fall of 1963 Spring of 1964
Enlisted US Army 8 Feb 1965
Graduaed 7th Army NCO Academy, Bad Tolz, Germany Fall 1968
Achieved Rank as a Staff Seargent in Less than 5 Years
Honorable Discharged US Army as a Staff Seargent 19 Nov. 1971
Joined US Army National Guard, 19 Nov 1971
Honorable Discharged US Army National Guard Jan 21, 1973
Completed Chevrolet (General Motors) Heavy Duty Truck Training Course
Awarded Chevrolet Society Of Sales Executive's Status Five Times
Served as Presenct Captain For Oldham County Republican Party
Served on Oldham County Delegation to State Republican Party Meetings
Elected to Constable 5th District Oldham County KY.
Owners and Operators Expressions By B a local Oldham County Business with 6 employees for over 15 years.

Qualificatios to be Constable:
In the Military I served as a Supply Seargent whose duties included the Armoy (Weapons) for two different Commands
and persoanlly Qualified as an Expert Marksman.
Worked for a year as a Communications Specialist Operating Company wide Communications
and Repairing the Companies Radio Equipment
Possess Concealed Carry License
Possessed a Concealed Carry Instructor Permit
Took and Qualified at the Kentucky Constables Pistol Qualification Course
Active Member NRA
Serving in the Position of Constable 5th District for Current Term
I am a Strong Conservative and Supporter of the Kentucky Republican Party
As a Square Dance Caller I have Called in Japan, Europe, The Bahama Islands, and all across America to include Hawaii
I am a Member of the American Legion Post 35

Please feel free to contact me for more information.